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Attendees of the Plan B Forum will get 1 Bitcoin (BTC) from Tether and Lugano

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The city of Lugano and Tether Operations Limited, the entity that issues Tether (USDT), said that everybody who purchases a ticket for the next Plan forum conference would receive one Bitcoin (BTC) for free.

The occasion will take place in the charming Italian-bordering Swiss city on October 28 and 29. According to the contest rules, three forum ticket holders might receive a reward of a 1 BTC blockchain ticket.

According to Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino, "We are thrilled to provide another method for guests to experience the power and promise of Bitcoin while providing an engaging moment at the conference." The business intends to "inspire more individuals to join the digital economy" by giving away one Bitcoin, he continued. In order to encourage the long-term, wide-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies, the organizers think it is imperative to educate more consumers.

According to Tether, the three winners will be selected from the Bitcoin blocks created on October 29 in the late afternoon (CEST). The Bitcoin raffle will only be open to ticket holders who have signed up in the Plan forum.

The prize money will be distributed as follows: The winners of two full-admission/cyberpunk tickets will receive 0.4 BTC apiece. A general or student ticket holder will receive the last 0.2 BTC. The forum is open to prominent thinkers and makers in the field of digital finance. The topic of discussion will be how Bitcoin is changing the world from a social and economic perspective in the fields of business, technology, government, and individual users.

The occasion will also advance a thorough discussion on financial and communication freedom. It will dive at several subjects, including regulation, unbanking, accessibility of financial services, and the disintermediation of finance.

The world's top blockchain experts, including entrepreneurs and developers, convene at the main Bitcoin conference, The Plan forum, to debate the state of BTC.

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