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Asia’s BattleField: Sports Industries Grapples Top NFT Market Trend

By Luke - Crypto Investor - 01-01-22


The sports industries are no longer exempted from the NFT fever. A western country sport association, particularly the United States’ National Basketball Association, was able to realise the advantage of investing in NFTs to gain profit. The NBA made use of their game highlights and converted them as NFT products. Their program was launched under the name NBA Top Shot. The same strategy of making use of reels as NFTs to gain earnings was employed by the sports industries in Asia. The earnings are important not just for the market but to serve the best interest of those organisations engaging in the crypto market investment. The revenues are allotted into different agents of the success of the NFT platform.

The known sports industry in Asia that on-board the NFT enterprises were DeNa of the Yokohama DeNa BayStars, South Korea and Japan’s Football Leagues. There are also individual athletes who try and plan their fortune in any cryptocurrency trading platform. The boxing legend Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Naoya Inoue of Japan are among those who tried Bitcoin (BTC) trading. Their engagements come with different strategies that they think will click among traders. Aside from the reels or highlights of the sport games, others act through development of games that serve as platform for the transactions. This spreading ground of NFTs could change the mind of those who have no confidence in the legitimacy and credibility of cryptocurrencies. More and more industries, aside from sports, are engaging in the unpredictable trend of NFTs or crypto.

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