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AscendEX Will Be Listing Crypto Token PolkaFoundry

By Mark L - Crypto Broker - 10-08-2021

PolkaFoundry token (PKF) will be listed on AscendEX, a cryptocurrency trading platform accessible worldwide. The launch will occur on August 10 at 1 p.m. UTC and can be found trading under USDT/PKF market pair.

The Polkadot-based platform, PolkaFoundry was designed for developing DeFi and NFT dApps with less resistance. With plans to be much more user-friendly, PolkaFoundry wants to provide users easy access for Defi and NFT dApps to mainstream end-users. They aim at making dApps more accessible, using its growing and scalable ability for exchange and implementing various DeFi-friendly services into the platform.

The PKF can pay for services and transaction fees as a native token to the PolkaFoundry ecosystem. The token allows users to earn shares of block rewards and participate in on-chain management by staking.

PolkaFundry argues that the common UX experience for retail consumers is in design. Referring to multiple platforms and dApps, they claim that this is the biggest obstacle for mainstream blockchain adoption. The firm note upon other projects who do not consider this in their product and service design, noting that the complexity may prevent the typical user from interacting and participating in such cryptocurrency projects.

Crypto wallet hardware, coins, exchanges, and similar projects need further development and customer market research education. There may be confusion amongst new users without further education; this will undoubtedly leave a minimal user base. As previously stated, PolkaFoundry's goal is to bring mainstream clients to the dApps and crypto asset management services.

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