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AscendEX Lists Staking Token Covalent (CQT)

By Tyler - Cryptocurrency Broker - 03-11-2021

Popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, AscendEX has recently announced a new listing on its platform. The platform where investors can buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins have released a statement that staking and governance token Covalent (CQT) will be available to buy. The trading pair that AscendEX will be publishing for investors is CQT/USDT. The latest pairing release will commence at 1 p.m. UTC on November 3rd. The announcement said that Covalent would offer individual API for buyers to access all chain data. AscendEX stated that they are aiming to make on-chain data public, more accessible, affordable, and open for the next one billion customers. 

Covalent CQT is a governance and staking token that is used to reward validators for answering questions on the platform. Users of the platform and holders of CQT can vote on changes within the platform. Covalent is known for decoding large blockchain networks, which helps to give developers access to a uniform API. Seven known blockchains and every wallet have access to countless blockchain data points and are supported using the same API. Thanks to Covalent, every wallet available now has access to billions of blockchain data points, which means developers will not need to create indexing codes. By utilising Covalent, developers are able to lessen time to market and have the ability to build API endpoints for their projects. The software helps to create a uniform API from various blockchains to help anyone from developers to non-technical users. The company's aim is to make APIs accessible to any developer without them needing to comprehend the more technical aspects.

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