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AscendEX Joins A Smart Contract Company In New Funding Round

By Luke F - Cryptocurrency Broker - 15-09-2021

A popular digital asset trading platform has joined the latest fundraising round run by a smart contract company. AscendEX, a worldwide crypto exchange platform that offers staking, margin, and derivatives trading, has entered a new investment round. While AscendEX is large in its own right, as it collaborates with various industry-leading investment partners, it sees plenty of potential in Sovryn.

Sovryn is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project known as the first Bitcoin (BTC) native application. It was initially built for Bitcoin DeFi protocols; the platform has no transaction limits and offers an extensive range of trading assets. Sovryn is a smart contract-based system that allows for permissionless Bitcoin lending, margin trading and borrowing. 

Sovryn is a large DeFi Project designed to integrate decentralized finance to the most significant crypto coin giant in the investment market, Bitcoin. The integration of the DeFi smart contract onto the Bitcoin platform has proven to be a significant step forward for the first cryptocurrency. The DeFi application has agreed to a $9 million investment proposal from a group of partners, including the global company to exchange crypto, AscendEX. 

The AscendEX team is devoted to assisting Sovryn in serving the ever-expanding digital asset ecosystem and is more than happy to join Sovryns latest funding round. AscendEX is also listing Sovryn (SOV) to its cryptocurrency trading platform. Aside from being the first Bitcoin application, it's notably also known for being one the fastest growing ecosystems in the Bitcoin network.

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