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As Sri Lankans turn to unregulated forms during a crisis, India attempts to regulate cryptocurrencies

CJ - Cryptocurrency Expert

  • Sri Lanka's economic troubles began at the same time as the COVID-19
  • Numerous people who foresaw the catastrophe went to trading cryptocurrency, which are still illegal in the nation
  • The economy of Sri Lanka has been in a fast slide for some years and is close to collapse

The outbreak of the virus signaled the start of Sri Lanka's economic problems. As soon as they started to foresee the disaster, many individuals began looking for ways to survive. While cryptocurrencies are currently uncontrolled in Sri Lanka, some people have turned to them. In contrast, India, its neighbor, is progressively gaining control of the crypto assets. The 1% transferable value securities tax that would be levied on digital currency was only recently made public. Additionally, in response to the concerns voiced by the corporation two days before, the government provided a full reason.

The shares of home financing firms have been falling for a while, just like those of cryptocurrency companies. When the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increased the repo rate on May 4th, the majority of them experienced a downward trend. A robust real estate market, in the opinion of economists, may mitigate the consequences of interest rate hikes for a subset of businesses that are potentially vulnerable to them.

In the meantime, Sri Lanka's economy has been in free fall for some time and is now moving alarmingly quickly toward insolvency. Its food inflation has risen to 57 percent, and because its reserves have been depleted, it has no money left over to import needs.

The present economic crisis is directly affecting the apparel and tea industries, two of Sri Lanka's most significant economic pillars, and both are experiencing major difficulties.

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