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As local NFT artists' paintings sell out, the crypto community rallies around Ukraine

  • Crypto fans from all over the globe are banding together to assist the people of Ukraine to get through this terrible time by buying Bitcoin for Ukraine
  • Crypto aficionados from all around the world appear to be gathering in support of Ukrainians during these trying times

Ed D - Bitcoin Professional - 07-07-2022

Bitcoin (BTC) donations to Come Back Alive, a non-governmental group assisting Ukraine's military efforts, were said to have received $3 million in BTC in a single gift on Friday, according to sources. Users also rushed to social media to request that the country's Ministry of Defense accept cryptocurrency donations like Tether (USDT) instead of only trade in Bitcoin. At the same time, the creator of Ukraine's Kuna cryptocurrency exchange platform established a fund to help local charities where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The outpouring of solidarity was even stronger on Friday. "Pan Danil" a nonfungible token (NFT) artist, has started a campaign to direct donations, hold NFT auctions, and commit a part of project sales to NFT artists in Ukraine. A group of volunteers had established at the time of publishing to compile a community list of Ukrainian NFT artists and connections to their work on NFT platforms including Rarible, Foundation, and OpenSea.

Other Ukrainian artists, such as "Voplividchau," have stated that their NFT drops have sold out as a result of community support. Despite the sale's success, she said, "It's quite terrifying in Kiev [Kyiv] today; it was horrible at night, and what will happen next is very frightening. I respect the bravery of those who have come here.” Orica, an NFT platform that last year organized an NFT charity drop to benefit victims of human trafficking and started an NFT campaign to help build a school in Uganda, expressed its support for Ukraine's NFT musicians on Twitter. It also looks that the site is bringing in Ukrainian NFT artists to participate in forthcoming exhibitions. This will help to spread the word about Ukraine and give an opportunity to exchange crypto and NFTs to support Ukraine.

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