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Ariva (ARV) has announced a major collaboration with the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) and the Global Tourism Forum (GTF)

World Tourism Forum Institute and Global Tourism Forum have established a cooperation with Ariva, a next-generation tourism and travel blockchain platform. This is a big initiative that will propel Ariva into the tourist industry's forefront.

Ariva announces important collaborations Ariva will use its collaborations with the World Tourist Forum Institute and the Global Tourism Forum to position itself as a leading blockchain service provider in the global tourism sector. Ariva and the worldwide tourist sector will be linked through the World Tourism Forum Institute. In addition, the group intends to invest $50 million in the Ariva ecosystem over the next two years. ARV is expected to become an internationally acknowledged cryptocurrency as a result of the agreement, according to Ariva. It would also fulfil its goal of encouraging the use of blockchain in the tourist industry.

The three groups will collaborate on a number of projects and activities as part of their cooperation. In addition, Ariva and WTFI will conduct the first ever crypto market professionals conference. The 'Global Tourism Forum Leaders’ Summit - Blockchain for Travel' - has been arranged for March 2022 in Dubai by WTFI specialists. The public will be informed about the event in the coming weeks.

Ariva has reached a significant milestone.

Ariva's collaboration with the World Tourism Forum and the Global Tourism Forum is extremely beneficial to the cryptocurrency trading platform and blockchain initiative. It has been in operation since the second part of 2021. The tourist industry has been the focus of the blockchain initiative.

Ariva is also working on creating an inclusive environment that will serve the travel and tourist industry's demands. Ariva.Club, Ariva.Finance, and Ariva.World are the three main sectors of its ecosystem.

Ariva has debuted Ariva Wonderland, a metaverse initiative that attempts to immerse visitors in a realm of endless travel opportunities. The auction mechanism for land sales in the metaverse is set to begin in early February.

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