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Are participants on the Cardano Network Moving their interest to Solana (SOL)?

By Max - Crypto Broker - 04-11-2021


Solana (SOL) is a scalable application network backed by decentralised blockchain technology. Solana is one of the fastest networks in terms of transaction speeds. The platform can withstand multiple transactions while keeping costs low and affordable; these features turn heads in the crypto industry and rivals networks like Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA). In recent news, more Cardano users are packing up and moving to the Solana platform.

Ranking in terms of total market cap, SOL is listed fourth on CoinMarketCap. In comparison, ADA has fallen to sixth place on the real-time crypto website. Enthusiasts for investing in cryptocurrency are beginning to buy Solana over ADA due to its increasing popularity. Reportedly, avid ADA holders are feeling the tension as Solana takes its spot for fourth in market value. The reason for Solana’s sudden increase is due to Solana shattering its market capitalisation records, hitting $71,998,409,069. Sandwiched between the two is Tether (USDT) taking fifth place.

The current price to buy SOL is $238.74 as of writing with a trading volume of over $5 million. The network has made multiple achievements in the crypto space, for example, it has joined the FTX.US NFT marketplace and has been integrated into Crypto.com. In comparison to Cardano’s prices which is currently sitting at $2.04, Solana has recently hit its all-time high of $247.62. Despite Cardano appearing to not be progressing as much as Solana, the Cardano community still reigns supreme as even the CEO keeps ADA holders updated regularly.

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