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Apple Music Executive joins blockchain company Ledger to lead NFT innovation

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 02-04-2021

Parker Todd Brooks, an Apple Music veteran, is leaving the company to join Ledger, one of the top suppliers of cryptocurrency trading wallets. Ledger is a company that provides hardware wallets to safely store your Bitcoin (BTC) investments offline.

Brooks will now lead Ledger's non- fungible token (NFT) division, as per a Friday announcement, as the company extends its help for the coin storage, display, management, and security of NFT pieces.

Brooks joins Ledger after seven years with Apple Music, where he helped launch Apple Music and music radio station Beats 1 after Apple acquired Beats Music in 2014. Prior to joining Beats Music as director of artist integrations, he led Topspin Media's incorporation into Beats Music and Spotify.

Brooks will be responsible for sustaining the network with the creative community and creating NFT managing data in his current role as Ledger's vice president of NFTs. In addition, it’s reported that he will ensure that NFTs are given priority across Ledger's software and hardware platforms.

Non-Fungible Art NFT Digital Art

“I’ve spent my career serving the artist community. With NFTs there is an opportunity to reimagine how art and music are created, sampled, and managed while simultaneously addressing the security issues in storing NFTs on internet-connected devices.”

According to the Apple Music veteran, his goal is to streamline the process which allows artists to display and organise their digital works, as well as safely storing them.

According to Ian Rogers, Ledger's chief experience officer, securing NFTs is "nothing new for Ledger," as the company offers a safe way to access accounts on more than 100 different blockchains. The bulk of NFTs are presently available on Ethereum (ETH). To hold these NFTs, you'll need a blockchain account, just as you'd keep cryptocurrencies.

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