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Anomus Utilises Blockchain To Discover Corruption Within System

By Harry B - Crypto Specialist - 03-11-2021


Anomus, a fully decentralised news protocol is utilising blockchain technology in order to discover any form of corruption within the system. Anomus has witnessed an internal "rot" enter and weaves its way through the mainstream media. The protocol is using blockchain to help put an end to the deception across the screens of the world. The Anomus protocol is basing its project on the existing state of the media; this also includes how centralised the current media is and how it has created an in-depth deception and control over what we see. Anomus has a goal to end the propaganda and the age of centralised media.

Anomus hopes to provide the world with community-verifiable news, to do this, the company is utilising decentralised blockchain technology to create a journalism platform. By creating a new platform, Anomus aims to redistribute the power that centralised corporations currently have that is overtaking the media. The team behind Anomus has described the company as an inevitable force that is also ambitious and honourable. The team describes the company in those three words because the need for Anomus will always be around as long as they continue to show the world the contaminated news.

Decentralisation, in short, is transferring control from a centralised entity to a distributed network. An implemented decentralised network runs to minimise the large amount of trust that everyone needs to put in one another. Decentralisation has become increasingly popular when investing in cryptocurrency as it creates a trustless environment, which means users don't need to be able to put their faith in someone for safe transactions. Everyone essentially receives the same data in a distributed ledger, so if someone's data is corrupted, they won't be able to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

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