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Ankr and Portal Strategically Collaborate To Boost DeFi Industry

By Lewis - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast - 03-11-2021


Blockchain Infrastructure platform, Ankr, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platform Portal have joined forces in strategic collaboration. According to Ankr, they are the only platform that brings together node infrastructure, DeFi, and staking to make investing in cryptocurrency and DeFi assets easy and developing initiatives simple. The platform has a native crypto market investment, Ankr, that is popular amongst crypto traders. On the other hand, Portal is a real cross-chain decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to make quick, secure, and private atomic swaps by buying Bitcoin (BTC) and swapping it with its fellow altcoins.

The two DeFi companies are excited to announce the partnership that has been a long time coming. Ankr and Portal both have similar views and goals, such as connecting users, businesses, and developers to a censorship-resistant trading and communication network. Because of the perfect match-up, it was just a matter of time for them to work together to accomplish the same goals. Ankr will be building a new facilitation node on the Portal DEX, which will provide continuous liquidity for atomic swaps between ANKR, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. The two companies hope to improve the industry and further improve DeFi adoption globally.

The CEO of Ankr, who also co-founds the Bounce (AUCTION) token, Chandler Song, has made personal investments in Portal. Joining Song in the investment round will be COO Ryan Fang and former head of Goldman Sachs Gaurav Budrani. The funding round for $8.5 million to raise for Portal had seen major investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Arrington XRP Capital, and OKEx amongst many others.

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