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An Exciting Time to Be a Bitcoin Shopper

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

With options growing every holiday season, it seems users are getting more opportunities to buy crypto and spend on more things than ever before. In spite of the fact that blockchain is still far from where it should be, it has indeed made significant progress to encourage more to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Thanksgiving officially hits the United States on Thursday, Nov. 28 where it will be accompanied by possibly one of the biggest shopping events of the year; Black Friday. It is slated as the first day of the Christmas shopping season where retailers produce several offers to attract customers from all over. Anyone can buy anything at reduced rates – but generally all in Fiat as oppose to buying crypto for purchases.

Founder of Bitcoin Black Friday event, John Holmquist, said in the statement, "I have decided not to continue running the Bitcoin Black Friday event. After 7 years, and 6 successful events” Holmquist believes that Bitcoin’s primary function is not a payment vessel but a form of investment and a new financial instrument as the reason for stopping the event. As this event closes, it brings more opportunities for others to begin to provide those that buy and sell Bitcoin with the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrency.

Some of these opportunities are presented in crypto wallets and charts, starting with renowned crypto wallet maker, Ledger, that just announced its “all-week 30 percent off sitewide Black Friday sale.”

Another major crypto wallet, Trezor, has announced a special 30%-off offer with a promo code between Nov. 26 to December 3rd, along with free shipping to the US and EU.

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