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America’s Most Loved Assets on Tradingview are Bitcoin and Tesla

By Kenny Stevens – Bitcoin Enthusiast

Tradingview said that Bitcoin (BTC) and Tesla (TSLA), the electric car maker, are America’s most viewed assets on the charting platform.

All eyes are on Bitcoin (BTC), the most significant crypto market investment by marker cap, and Tesla (TSLA), a future-centric car company run by offbeat vibrant businessman Elon Musk. Both show promise for a standout year.

Tesla and BTC both provide distinctive advances with unmistakable clients, use cases and speculators. Tesla is the amalgamation of car fabricating, clean electricity, computer programming and manufacturing intelligence. Bitcoin is a digital commodity that aims to revolutionize the financial and monetary system globally as people continue to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) has climbed over 60% year-to-date, with the cost of $11,900 at the time of writing. The rise has drawn thousands of new financial investors, both corporate and retail, to cryptocurrency. Likewise, Tesla’s share cost more than tripled this year driven by a positive future viewpoint on the electric vehicles industry and renewable energy.

“Apple are nearing a $2 trillion market cap, it looks like traders and speculators still aren’t paying that much attention,” said Tradingview, in a statement. They then went on to add that TSLA and BTC were the assets that people were mostly looking at. Throughout July, Tesla was the foremost seen stock in 31 U.S. states, but Bitcoin was not distant behind.

Bitcoin increased sharply in 2020, fueled by governments and central banks' relentless fiat money printing, which aimed to keep their economies floating in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the economic recession, the top cryptocurrency has encouraged investors seeking to hedge against inflation. Nasdaq-listed Microstrategy Inc., for example, adopted Bitcoin as its reserve this week, spending $250M on 21,444 Bitcoin, described by many as a ‘dependable store of value superior to cash’.

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