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Ambire, Crypto Coin Storage DeFi Initiative Brings In $2.5 Million

By Tyler - Crypto Broker - 02-12-2021


As more and more people become interested in investing in cryptocurrency, many newcomers to the industry wonder what is the best crypto wallet? One Decentralised Finance (DeFi) project may have the answer. In recent news, the Ambire wallet has brought in $2.5 million from its latest fundraising campaign. Many major investors had participated in the funding round including Ascensive Assets, Zee Prime, Metacartel Ventures, and LAUNCHHub Ventures. Aside from the many financing firms that joined in, angel investor Danish Chaudhry, the CEO of Bitcoin.com, had also invested into the DeFi wallet. The firm LAUNCHHUB Ventures organised and put together the entire event for Ambire. Reportedly, Ambire wallet plans to use the funds to expand their reach across the globe with hopes to grow rapidly in popularity.

The Ambire wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet that enables users to hold multiple DeFi protocols in one place and purchase them all in a single click. Ambire has recently stated that the money will be going towards advertisements for the company to help bring in new wallet users and drive more traffic to their business. In the statement, Ambire mentioned that if they want to achieve their goals in growing the company globally, they will first need to remove all of the disparities that have troubled the industry. Aside from advertisements and strategic promotions, the money will also go towards adding new team members as well as offer liquidity, and update its network with incentivise platform integrations.

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