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Aiming To Produce Top Bitcoin and Lightning Developers, El Salvador Launches the Cubo+ Educational Program

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El Salvador's Bitcoin Office has unveiled a new six-month educational program called "CUBO+" aimed at cultivating elite-level Bitcoin and Lightning developers through the Salvadoran university system. The program, set to launch in May, will consist of a small group of students, all under 25 years old, selected from some of the brightest minds in the country's universities. The first group of students will be from the University of Don Bosco, competing for the inaugural Plan B Fellowship, which is backed by Tether and Fulgur Ventures. The project follows the recent agreement between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland, for the world's first Bitcoin Embassy in the Swiss city.

The curriculum for the program will cover a range of topics from high-level technical development specific to Bitcoin (BTC), to distributed technologies like Holepunch, Nostr and Web5. Private funding will cover the program's costs, and all qualifying students for the Plan B Fellowship will receive a stipend to cover the course's expenses. The program will be led and taught by some of the brightest minds in Bitcoin, with the names of the instructors to be announced soon.

The program will begin with two months of online instruction followed by a two-week, in-person bootcamp featuring full-day courses held in San Salvador. The remaining months will include close online mentorship with the top names in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Office hopes the program will set a standard for other nations to follow, with educational experts participating in the course design.

Students who complete the program will have various options for continuing their Bitcoin education, including taking on a full-time job at reputable Bitcoin companies. There will also be entrepreneurial opportunities available. The program is named Cubo+ after a project initiated by President Nayib Bukele when he was mayor of San Salvador. The project involved the construction of buildings in impoverished areas that served as libraries and community centres for furthering education. The program hopes to draw on this inspiration for building El Salvador's future.

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