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African Payment Gateway company accepts Bitcoin for Online Merchants

By Luke F - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 06-07-2021

Even though cryptocurrency is gradually becoming more widely accepted, most African businesses do not take it as a form of payment. However, one particular firm hopes to change this.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway, Paychant, has reportedly stated that it is now simple for African internet shops to take large crypto cap coins like Bitcoin (BTC) at the checkout. Paychant says that its payment method plugin can be downloaded and interact with websites platform, including e-commerce WooCommerce as an example.

The added payment gateway will help businesses bring in new crypto customers who prefer paying with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Paychant brands its payment gateway as one that is easy, secure, and convenient. 

Paychant even allows for non-profit groups to receive crypto donations very quickly and smoothly. The crypto donations are done through customizable widgets available to integrate within the gateway plugin. Paychant, similarly to the payment gateway PayPal, also allows users to request money from any of their contacts globally. 

However, business owners are generally worried about the volatility of cryptocurrencies, so they wouldn't usually accept crypto as a payment method because of this. Paychant, on the other hand, removes this issue by converting all assets from crypto to cash.

A robust yet straightforward dashboard supplements the available tools on Paychant. The dashboard provides a clear picture of the cash and even large Bitcoin transactions. 

Paychant states that card payments are priced highly but also slow with minimal profits, explaining why their infrastructure is required. Adopting Bitcoin investments as a viable payment option could provide the consumer with reduced fees while reducing chargebacks.

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