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About 100 Crypts Will Switch from Ethereum to Cardano, Says Hoskinson

Wallet Specialist - Tyler

IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson, has stated that over 100 crypto-based firms will switch from the Ethereum (ETH) network to Cardano (ADA). Primarily, Hoskinson stated that the companies would abandon Ethereum and move to Cardano after the ADA network had completely matured.

According to an interview with Bloomberg, Hoskinson shared his appreciation for how much ADA has achieved attention today. He also thanked the Cardano team and the group for their good performance this year.

Hoskinson added, "We did it right” stating that even though they were one of the very last companies to reach the market, he goes on to say how “It’s been a wild ride, broke to a billionaire in eight years is pretty crazy."

As a result, Hoskinson said he was also stunned by how the stock valuation of the ADA has risen overwhelmingly today.

Besides that, Cardano never avoids announcing the offerings of its brands. According to Hoskinson, the ADA corporation has set out to carry out a number of programs, such as the introduction of Goguen.

This will open up smart contracts and several other features to the Cardano blockchain network. Cardano will announce several future blockchain-based ventures before the end of this year. Recently, Cardano has released a rough Mary fork. The update of the Mary hard fork is designed to improve the Cardano blockchain. In terms of stability, Hoskinson said that Cardano was higher than Ethereum.

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