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A User Is Sued By Facebook For Cloaking Ads

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Expert

Two major social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, have filed a lawsuit against a user who was reportedly cloaking ads so that they got through the advertisement reviews of the companies. These ads were related to COVID-19 disinformation as well as scams involving cryptocurrency and other products. Many individuals buy Bitcoin to make an investment and many of these scams are targeting these people.

In the complaint, registered this week with a federal court in San Fransico, the social media giants have accused Bassant Gaijar of operating Leadclock, a software provider that cloaks the ads.

According to Facebook, Gaijar used these services to promote things like cryptocurrency scams, deceptive diet pills & other pharmaceuticals as well as disinformation about COVID-19. People who want to buy and sell cryptocurrency must be careful of scams within this space, especially if you do not know where or how to buy Bitcoin.

It can be difficult to tell if ad cloaking is a crime when you consider the law around disinformation. Ad cloaking identifies readers of any site using multiple methods, before presenting ads and information different to what typical users would receive on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are therefore attempting to charge Gaijar with breach of contract regarding use of service.

Both platforms have tried to combat disinformation on their sites and have received scrutiny from users when disinformation inevitably makes it onto the site. The distribution of disinformation can have a strong influence on users but isn’t technically against the law. Due to this, many platforms are requesting further guidance and possible legislation to combat the issue. As a general rule, it is always best to identify and verify the source of any information found online.

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