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A Specialised Oracle Network is now available on Solana

By Max S - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 26-08-2021

The cryptocurrency trading community is excited for the latest news in blockchain development as Solana (SOL) integrates specialised oracle platform, Pyth Network, into its growing ecosystem. The oracle has recently gone live on the top blockchain network and took to social media platform Twitter to announce the recent collaboration.

Within the tweet published by @PythNetwork, the decentralised oracle stated that the network is officially going live on "one of the fastest-growing crypto blockchains." According to the decentralised oracle, Pyth joining the Solana blockchain will allow "developers to integrate its feed" throughout the DeFi platforms and DApps.

Solana is known as the fastest blockchain globally; Solana also has a fast developing and growing ecosystem for investing in cryptocurrency. The blockchain network has its own native cryptocurrency SOL that runs throughout the ecosystem. Investors can also buy and sell SOL on many popular platforms that exchange crypto.

The Pyth Network has received many donations from other businesses since Jump Trading founded the oracle. Some businesses that helped fund and invested in the decentralised and specialised oracle network include GTS, Chicago Trading Company, Virtu Financial, IEX, Akuna Capital, XR Trading, DRW Cumberland, Hudson River Trading, and KGI Securities. The companies listed are just a few investors to name who are interested in the network.

Reportedly, as soon as the oracle is fully integrated into the Solana blockchain, it would being providing market research data from users within the ecosystem and report it to Solana's smart contracts.

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