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A Passive Income Social Network Platform

Kenny Stevens – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

With numerous blockchain startups evolving rapidly in the past decade, this industry continues to be in demand as investors are buying and selling crypto. As traders buy altcoins more, there are several that are climbing through the markets. Today, a new ecosystem is finding its way in the market.

X-Token is a unique forum for social networking, gambling, and passive income growth. Sound fantastic? Let us see how the developers managed to combine all these in one project and make it workable.

X-Token Details:

  • This project consists of two unique cryptocurrency coins named the X-token and M-token. The first is the project's essential token bringing benefits to investors and participants on the platform. While the latter is an internal coin to be used as an incentive for the activity and as a fee for the completion of tasks for transactions between participants.
  • Each user can participate in Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and the Vkontakte promotion via this site and each has been fully integrated into the X-token. As a full member of the platform, you’re able to invest and receive bonus coins relative to the investment.
  • M-tokens will automatically be transformed into X-tokens when you pay for tasks.
  • Professionals from the gambling industry have created a unique system providing close to 30% chances of winning.
  • The primary benefit of the new platform is the X-token, which makes it exclusive. Details have been released by the team in which the mechanics allow the coin to grow its value by 0.1 per cent after each transaction made by each user.

More details have not yet been released for the project, but the team have assured the technical details of the project will be released soon.

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