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A New Screening Tool is to be Released by Canadian Blockchain Firm

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Broker

Does more Bitcoin investing mean more blockchain implementation?

When people think of blockchain, you may think about buying and selling Bitcoin. This is not wrong to do, but in recent times, evidence shows that responses to the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, may be demonstrating more innovative real-world use cases.

Built for a mobile app, a new screening tool to combat the Covid-19 pandemic is being released in a specific region of Canada. The Canadian technology-provider, VitalHub Corp, stated today the initial release stages of its blockchain-powered coronavirus screening app DOCit. The tool will be implemented in a long-term care facility called Sunny Side Home, a Region of Waterloo – Ontario – owned premises.

The app aims to deploy and manage any screening or recurring task, and control reporting standards for health care providers, as well as National and Regional authorities. For Julie Wheeler, the administrator of Sunny Side Homes, finding new ways to implement electronic screening to combat the pandemic is important ‘when it comes to safety’ and that ‘having the capacity to respond to our needs’ in a well-prepared manner is vital.

The blockchain app is programmed to collect data on all visible symptoms and  then communicate this information in real time to lower the potential risk of virus transmission. In light of this, the application of blockchain systems to tackle the Covid-19 fight is increasing in popularity. The World Health Organisation (WHO) for example, is one such corporation that has expressed interest in implementing blockchain technology to enhance management capabilities during the pandemic.

In addition, it was reported on March 28th that the WHO entity is seeking to establish partnerships with key blockchain providers and plans to launch a distributed ledger-based platform to support the early detection of Covid carriers and high infectious zones. Within the same month, the Canada-based firm Emerge, launched their own Covid-19 trace and track app built on blockchain technology.

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