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A Crypto-Trading Experience with Less Hassle Making Its Way Towards Our Smartphones

By Jamie Green – Cryptocurrency Expert

As the number of individuals participating in cryptocurrency trading increases amongst retail traders, new platforms are being designed with the aim of being more accessible and user friendly. While ‘Spot Trading’ is a popular option for many, ‘Option Trading’ enables more control. This is where Paul B De Groot comes in. His new product, MobyTrader, is a Bitcoin Derivatives Options exchange platform. Most noticeably, it is available on iOS and Google App Stores for mobile devices. 

With over 300,000 users currently, the platform lets you invest minor ‘penny sized’ trades while gaining up to thirty times your order. Groot’s platform also addresses scability, with a protocol enabling over 4,000 transactions per second. Such a mobile app with these exceptional speeds is a pioneering development in the industry.  

The platform enables numous features, including high liquid market access and speedy transaction times. What’s more, additional tools, such as the event notification function, are proving popular. This feature informs its users of upcoming market events such as interest rate changes, as well as the ability to analyse inflation readings.

Furthermore, MobyTrader provides its users with access to different order types and derivatives. The platform offers expiration times ranging from 5 seconds to 1 hour. This means that anybody trading on the site can receive cover for almost a whole 7 hour window of trading. Such a benefit means traders on the go can have more freedom while these contracts work in the background. Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are automatically arranged and taken from and to your chosen wallet.  

While these apps can introduce beginners to trading, BC Bitcoin is also a great to start learning about how to buy Bitcoin. Get in touch with your trusted Bitcoin broker today to Buy and Sell cryptocurrency today.

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