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A Centralised Exchange Collaborates with Alchemy Pay To Exchange Crypto and Fiat Currencies

By Jamie G - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 07-08-2021

In 2021, we have seen a spike in interest in investing in cryptocurrency; furthermore, there's been a significant increase in the number of retailers that accept crypto payments. The rise in interest also includes online-based merchants who are integrating crypto payment gateways.

One particular centralised exchange company is currently in the works to create a crypto-to-fiat hybrid gateway. MEXC Global, a European cryptocurrency exchange platform, has recently announced its collaboration with Alchemy Pay to make the project possible.

The new partnership provides MEXC exchange consumers with plenty of benefits; one example is that customers can deposit their fiat currencies directly onto the platform via credit or debit payments. The latest project of intertwining Alchemy Pay's payment gateway software with MEXC will also include the exchange platform's native crypto token, $MX.

By integrating the $MX coin to the gateway will increase the coin's usage value. The exchange platform's native token combined with Alchemy Pay would mean any of Alchemy Pay's retailers and users can purchase with $MX. The collaboration can further support global adoption for crypto investments as the hybrid payment gateway is designed to make cryptocurrency much more accessible.

Reportedly, Alchemy Pay has the first hybrid payment gateway allowing users to pay with crypto and fiat currencies, which is a giant push forward for the crypto community. Its partnership with MEXC to create a fiat on-ramp benefit all 6 million of the MEXC's users and helps the exchange target even non-crypto holders.

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