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4 Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketing

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Expert

Let's get right to the point. "B2C" stands for "business to consumer," whereas "B2B" stands for "business to business."

In a B2B business, companies sell products and services directly to other businesses a bit like a wholesalers. This could include anything such as selling marketing services, office chairs or even table management software to restaurants for example.

A B2C business will sell products or services to consumers for their own personal use, such as cars, cruises, clothing, household products but in the case of this industry, they will sell crypto.

In the cryptocurrency space, B2B businesses includes those that provide liquidity to exchanges so users can buy cryptocurrency. BC Bitcoin is a B2C business, providing services for individuals looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency. We can also cater to business requirements who can also purchase through our platform.

  1. The Audience

By far the biggest difference between B2C and B2B marketing is who the company targets. It could be individual consumers or businesses, who in turn, target other consumers and businesses alike.

B2C marketing is targeted at a single decision-maker who buys a product or service for the benefits and features that it provides for personal use.

B2B marketing, however, can target anyone from a single C-level executive to a whole committee that oversees any and every decision that a business makes.

  1. Branding

Branding is crucial to B2B marketing, but unlike B2C marketing, it comes via relationship-building. According to B2B International, branding starts with how consistent your products or services are presented and delivered.

When it comes to B2C marketing, branding is pivotal in delivering a message and creating loyalty with a customer to motivate them to buy crypto from you.

  1. The Channels

Both B2B and B2C companies need to figure out the best way to reach their audiences, like the channels that can be used to distribute information or content. B2B audiences are more selective in the channels they frequently visit. Although you can still reach out to them on Twitter and Facebook, you more likely to get noticed but going through more official channels. Since the B2C audience however, will be made of people that can be found anywhere, every channel could be exploited to reach out them.

  1. Motivation

Motivation of the consumer is important to understand in order to convert your audience into long-time customers. B2B marketing favours a focus on efficiency and logic instead of emotion as businesses are looking for expertise when buying or selling Bitcoin.

B2C, however, yearns for emotion and personal interaction. Consumers also place great emphasis on fellow users' testaments, which is when they view reviews and ratings before using to buy or sell crypto.

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