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4 Factors why Bitcoin Could Reach a $1-5 Trillion Market Cap in 10 Years

By Max Steadman - Cryptocurrency Speculator

New York-based investment business, ARK Invest Management says that Bitcoin (BTC) is "the most compulsory monetary commodity ever since the use of gold" that will hit a market capitalization of USD 1 – 5 t in the coming five to ten years. This, according to ARK, is currently centered around Decentralized Finance (DeFi) developments that mostly explore the Ethereum network and its application capabilities.

A recent study from the firm reached the optimistic Bitcoin forecast, where ARK and Coin Metrics, another cryptocurrency trading research platform, analyzed BTC as an emerging financial commodity with its prosperous financial opportunities. According to the research, the market capitalization of Bitcoin has plenty of space to rise from its current value of just over $200 billion today. They highlight four potential contributors that may determine its future:

  1. A multinational network for settlement
  2. Asset seizure protection
  3. A type of digital gold
  4. A cause for currency demonetization in developing markets

If both of these projections are valid, ARK sees Bitcoin raising its capitalization on the market in the next ten years, possibly hitting US $3 trillion by 2025. while BTC is said to have the ability to rise sharply, Bitcoin appears to be the only asset to have reliably low correlations with mainstream commodity classes and gives traditional investors huge diversification advantages.

However, the study also outlined many risk factors for businesses and individuals pursuing exposure to bitcoin. Among others, the ownership and storage of Bitcoin, legislative ambiguity and expanded regulation by financial institutions who might aim to restrict the free flow of assets across the network are the main threats facing cryptocurrencies.

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