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30 DeFi Projects Currently In Creation As New Order And Outlier Ventures Collaborate


By Aaron - Crypto Investor - 01-12-2021

In recent news, DAO incubator, New Order and Web3 accelerator, Outlier Ventures, have teamed up to build 30 new decentralised finance (DeFi) products. The two companies had partnered up with a shared goal to make the next-generation of DeFi applications. DeFi projects have some of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market. For example, investors that were buying Solana (SOL) mid year 2021 have seen major profits as the coin rose greatly as the year went on. Outlier Ventures and New Order are looking to create new upgraded initiatives in the DeFi space to combine both online and offline worlds. Reportedly, the projects will also be intertwined with the Metaverse.

The New Order Network is an Ecosystem DAO that is designed to be used as a launchpad for DeFi and Web3 products. The New Order Network will allow new projects to work with its ecosystem providing that they align with the company’s goals. Some initiatives include data-driven crypto market investments and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Reportedly, Outlier Ventures has brought in $250 million to be used for digital-based entrepreneurs. The company’s main focus is to establish an open Metaverse that brings together the online and offline space. The Metaverse is the new wave of the digital world combining crypto buying, NFTs, virtual and augmented reality and more.

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