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2022 Review of The Daedalus Cryptocurrency Wallet

CJ - Cryptocurrency Expert 

One of the most exciting and cutting-edge blockchain projects is Cardano (ADA). Many investors and users are upbeat and confident in the network's long-term success and adoption. The over 2,000 Cardano projects and dapps that are flourishing on the Cardano blockchain attest to this.

Daedalus Wallet was introduced in 2015 and is backed by Input Output (IOHK), the well-known research and engineering company that created the Cardano network. This wallet includes additional security measures, only supports the ADA token, however, is not mobile device compatible. It’s a software wallet that can be downloaded onto a Mac, Linux or Windows computers. 

As users download the full network's history, Daedalus synchronises slowly before use. As of late 2022, the wallet takes up roughly 80GB of space on your PC and creates a local copy of the blockchain.

Daedalus Wallet Strengths:

  • Installation and use are free

  • High Security

  • Individualizable user interface

  • Allows for the storage of assets and NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

  • Can stake ADA tokens for passive income

  • Supports compatibility with Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets

Daedalus Wallet Weaknesses:

  • No mobile support

  • There is no service that facilitates the conversion of fiat money into cryptocurrencies

  • Only supports the Cardano ecosystem

24/7 customer service via a website help page and ticket system.

Daedalus now enables viewing of Non-Fungible Tokens and Cardano tokens like SundaeSwap and other ADA tokens as a result of recent wallet improvements. Following the upgrade, Daedalus soon gained popularity as a very safe place for Cardano enthusiasts to keep their Cardano NFTs.

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