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2021 saw over 20,000 new Bitcoin ATMs will be installed and operational

By Jamie – Cryptocurrency Professional - 30/12/2021

The number of Bitcoin ATM's on the streets is increasing as the demand for buying and selling cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), grows. ATM’s help the move from crypto to fiat and the reverse, providing simple transactions and easy currency conversion.

In 2021, about 20,000 Bitcoin ATM’s were deployed, an average of 50 per day. This totals 34,000 ATMs globally, with the United States leading with 30,123 ATM’s, Canada second with 2,216 ATM’s and El Salvador third with 205 ATM’s within its borders.

Bitcoin's price has climbed by more than 65% in the last year, now trading below $50,000. Many note upon the likely difference between Bitcoin ATM’s and cryptocurrency exchange platforms, addressing the fact that transaction fees will be higher and more volatile. Here at BC Bitcoin, we offer competitive rates with no hidden spread. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin, head over to our Buy Coins page and follow the steps!

While fees may be higher, many users in the community are particularly intrigued by Bitcoin ATM’s as they may not require or implement the same AML KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. El Salvador which became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender already has over 200 machines, overtaking European jurisdictions including Spain, which has less than 200, and Austria with 142. The UK has only 101 operating crypto ATM’s at the time of writing.  

Buying and Selling Bitcoin (BTC) is attracting more participation and momentum from both retail and institutional investors. We provide services for both individuals and corporations here at BC Bitcoin so Register an account today!

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