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1 1n 5 Investors in Companies That Do Not Deal in Crypto, Claim They Are Going to Do So in The Future

Crypto expert - Jamie

A survey showed that 22% of institutional buyers are expected to purchase cryptocurrencies in the future.

A survey conducted by JPMorgan showed that one in five retail investors in businesses that do not actively deal in cryptocurrencies expect that their companies are likely to do so in the future.

A poll of more than 3,400 investors from 1,500 organizations found that 11% of respondents worked in companies trading or investing in crypto, while 89% did not. Pleasingly, however, twice as many institutions are likely to participate in crypto than those who have already made the plunge, signalling institutional capital will keep flowing to markets in the short future.

22% of respondents from businesses who do not trade or participate in crypto said that they expect that their businesses are interested in investing in cryptocurrency in the future. Though some observers say that continued retail purchases will now keep the price to buy Bitcoin (BTC) up to $50,000—a large number of institutional investors still have a lack of confidence in cryptocurrencies.

Asked for their view on crypto, 14% said it was "rat position squared" and something to resist, while 21% said crypto was only a fleeting fad. Just 7% of investors feel that crypto “will become one of the most valuable assets."

The survey showed that most organizations have security issues, with 98% of respondents saying that fraud in the crypto world is "somewhat" or "extremely widespread."

This seems to be a big challenge for institutional investors at the moment, with Damien Vanderwilt, co-president of Galaxy Digital, informing Bloomberg last month:

“When we think about the conversations we have with corporate and institutional clients… the first order problem is safety” He goes on to say how the digital assets being bought need to be “safe and available and secure.”

However, these issues are not of interest to major players including Tesla and MicroStrategy, with both parties spending billions in crypto in 2021. MicroStrategy recently raised its BTC reserves by 27% in February, increasing the amount owned by Bitcoin in its bank account to 90,531 BTC.

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